Charles Clemons – “Can you show me how to build one?”

Clemons 2
A local business shows its support for Touch FM

Born and raised in Boston, Charles Clemons has been a serial entrepreneur since he was 12 years old. He began working in radio while still in high school, and at age 19 became the Music Director for WILD FM. He founded TOUCH 106.1 FM in 2006, and since then has become a vocal advocate for low power community radio. In 2009 he even walked from Boston to Washington DC in support of the Local Community Radio Act. Clemons has also worked as a Boston police officer, managed a limousine service, and run for both mayor and city councilor.

In 2014, Touch FM was shut down by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for broadcasting without a license. Clemons describes his struggles with the FCC, and articulates the importance of radio representation for communities of color in American cities.

Recorded 8/11/15

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