Joe Castiglione – “It’s our job to make you see it”

Castiglione 2
Castiglione in the broadcast booth at Fenway Park

Joe Castiglione was born in Hamden, Connecticut and raised a Yankees fan—as he puts it: “we all learn from our mistakes.” He attended Colgate College in Maine, where he became the radio voice of the school’s football and baseball teams. In 1979 Castiglione began announcing for the Cleveland Indians, but he came to Boston just four years later. 2016 will mark his 34th year with the Red Sox, during which time he has announced three World Series victories. Castiglione ended the first of those championship seasons with the call “Can you believe it?”—which became a catch phrase of the team and later the title of his second book. He currently lives on the south shore of Boston with his wife and lectures in the Department of Communications at Northeastern University.

Castiglione discusses his deep love of the game of baseball, the craft of sports broadcasting, and his own mental preparation for calling the final out of his team’s momentous 2004 championship.

Recorded 12/2/15

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