Donna Halper – “People don’t have radio dreams anymore”

Halper 1
Halper on air in the late 1960s

Donna Halper has made her presence felt in the radio world as a broadcaster, management consultant, historian, and author. Growing up in Dorchester, Ma, she found solace on the radio and idolized the local disc jockey Arnie Ginsburg (also featured on Radio Contact). Years later as a student at Northeastern University she challenged the administration to be allowed on the air. Halper has a PhD in Communications from the University of Massachusetts and now teaches at Lesley University. Her published works include Invisible Stars: A Social History of Women in American Broadcasting, and Boston Radio 1920-2010. She writes at

Halper is perhaps best known for helping to launch the career of a certain Canadian rock band—she describes the episode in detail, along with her own personal struggles as a woman in broadcasting.

Recorded 8/4/15

Halper 2
Halper with members of the band Rush

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