Radio Contact is produced by Ian Coss and edited by Julie Caine. The project is supported by the Harvard Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments as part of the special exhibit: “Radio Contact: Tuning into Politics, Technology, and Culture.” More information about the exhibit, which ran from March to December of 2016, is available at the collection’s website.

Ian Coss is a producer, scholar, and performer based in Boston. He is currently pursuing a PhD in ethnomusicology at Boston University, where his research focuses on immigrant radio cultures and accompaniment for Balinese shadow-puppetry. As a freelance producer, he has worked with The World, Studio 360, Afropop Worldwide, BBC’s Cultural Frontline, and WBUR in Boston. Ian continues to perform and record new music—including a 10-year ongoing project to produce alternative Christmas songs.  For news, video, recordings and more, visit

Julie Caine is the managing producer for Crosscurrents, KALW’s award-winning newsmagazine. She’s also the lead producer of Audiograph, an ongoing KALW series that uses sound to tell the stories of the San Francisco Bay Area. Her radio documentary Squeezebox Stories won an SPJ award for best arts and culture reporting in 2012, and her radio work has aired on a wide variety of national programs. She has a master’s degree in journalism from UC Berkeley, and believes deeply in Grace Paley’s assertion that you must be a story listener to be a storyteller.

Harvard University’s Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments, which was established in 1948, has become one of the three largest university collections of its kind in the world. The core mission of the Collection is to preserve, document, and care for over 20,000 instruments portraying the history of science teaching and research at Harvard from the Colonial period to the 21st century. More information at