Paul Horowitz – “We didn’t find anything, so the search goes on”

“I was the world’s youngest ham”

Paul Horowitz is a professor emeritus of Physics and Electrical Engineering at Harvard University. He was tuned into radio from an early age thanks to his tech-savvy older brother, and at 8 years old Horowitz became the youngest licensed ham radio operator in the world. This interest in long-range communication eventually led him to become involved with SETI: the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

Horowitz describes his fascination with radio and his time spent working at ARICEBO—the largest radio receiver on earth—where in 1978 he conducted a path-breaking search for radio signals from other star systems.

Recorded 8/6/2015

Space sounds collected by Don Gurnett, University of Iowa

Horowitz at the Aricebo Telescope